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I love football, and there is nothing as fun as running after the ball, scoring a goal, and having a good time. But, I also know that footballs often get lost and you are always in need of new balls. That is why I ordered a ball from Temu sized 4 and one sized 5 to check the quality. There are lots of footballs available on Temu, but above and below you can see pictures of the balls I am discussing. So, if you wonder whether or not these footballs from Temu are worth buying, keep on reading.

On the picture, it looks like a nice football, and I did hope that the quality would be good. As the balls arrived, I got a good first impression and quickly inflated them to try them.

The sizes of the balls are fine and it is fine. But, if you have played some football, then you do know that there is a big difference between a high-quality ball and a cheap ball. What do I mean? A cheap ball has a different weight and it feels very different. It flies in a strange way, and reminds you more of a plastic ball than a real leather-ball.

temu ball in the garden
It looks fine, but it isn’t really that good.

So, what is the reality about these balls from Temu?

If the goal is to buy a ball with which the kids can play in the garden and just have fun, it works properly. But, if you have an intention of becoming a better football player and you want a ball that feels the same as a professional ball, then this is not the solution for you. Considering that the price is around €7, I do know that I can get a real leather ball costing $10 at the local Decathlon store, and I’d much rather pay $3 more to get a real ball, than to play with this “shit”.

My son has often asked me about the balls we have at home whether or not he can bring them to school (where they often lose the balls). I have always said no when it comes to the good footballs we have at home, but this is typically a ball I wouldn’t feel very sorry about losing.

Training soccer ball from Temu review conclusion.

If you are looking for a serious football that will help you develop your skills and give you a real leather-football feeling, go somewhere else. If you just want to have a ball in the garden with which you kids can have fun and see whether football is something for them, it works. But, as the quality of the ball is poor, it is lighter than a real football sized 4″ or 5″, which means it is easier to shoot it up into the air and you will find it easier to shoot above your target than what you would with a high-quality ball.

You are warned!

Have you tried this type of ball yourself? How did you like it? Are you satisfied?

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I am incredibly curious and I love to test news products. Unfortunately, I easily order too much from TEMU, and often end up buying a lot of products that I don't like and regret buying. But, I also buy lots of products that I fall in love with. Here I am trying to share my experiences with you before you shop, so that you can buy useful stuff and skip the junk-products. It that way you can save money, and we can also take better care of the environment together!

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