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Do you have a cat or a dog in your house? Would you like to have their hair removed using a brush, instead of having all the hair stuck on your couch or other furniture around the house? There are lots of brushes available on Temu for hair removing for your pets, and we have tested the following product.

The product looks exactly the same way in real life as it does on the pictures on Temu. You often read in Temu reviews that products look much bigger on the pictures than they do in real life. That isn’t so with this brush for cats and dogs. It came exactly as expected. Now, what did my cat have to say on the issue?

The cat doesn’t come running whenever I pick up the brush, but if I first start using it, my cat often finds it very pleasant and she is having a very good time. What about the hair? Do the brush actually remove excess hair from the cat? Yes it does! In other words, it gets the job done, so while I am almost tickling and giving joy to my cat, I also see that it removes that excess hair, meaning it is a win-win for everyone.

cat brush hair temu

The image above which comes from Temu shows the brush full with hair. It might be that my cat doesn’t have that much hair, but it hasn’t been removing that much yet, but it still does the job. The more hair your cat has, the more hair will be removed as you use the brush, but in a pleasant and joyful way.

Cat/Dog Hair Remover from Temu review conclusion

This is another product from Temu that I truly enjoy. In our home we are using it almost daily, and the brush is always nearby to spoil the cat and also help keep the house clean at the same time.

Have you tried the product? What is your experience? If you have comments or questions, write them below!

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I am incredibly curious and I love to test news products. Unfortunately, I easily order too much from TEMU, and often end up buying a lot of products that I don't like and regret buying. But, I also buy lots of products that I fall in love with. Here I am trying to share my experiences with you before you shop, so that you can buy useful stuff and skip the junk-products. It that way you can save money, and we can also take better care of the environment together!

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