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I love to play football, and as a result, I often end up having both my big toes being blue from my bad attempts at kicking the ball with my toes and not the inside of the foot. If you combine that with me falling in all directions, it is quite obvious that I am in need of something to protect my toes. Are the Gel Toe Caps and Protectors from Temu capable of that?

Like with all other products from Temu, the toe caps/protectors arrived quickly and I was eager to try them as I went to play football with my friends. I was curious to see whether they would fit on my big toes, and whether it would be annoying to have them on or not. It was a quite easy job to place them on my big toes, and then I was curious about whether the sock would cause any trouble afterward. At first, it felt kind of strange, but it only took some seconds before I got kind of used to it. As I wear the toe protectors from Temu I can feel that they are there, but that is something I forget at once as the ball is in play.

My toe protectors from Temu... getting kind of dirty as I have used them a lot already!
My toe protectors from Temu… getting kind of dirty as I have used them a lot already!

Do I feel like it gets really sweaty inside the toe protectors? Not really! Of course, it is a good feeling to remove them after playing for some hours, but I don’t feel like they annoy me or cause any inconvenience while I am playing.

Do the toe protectors from Temu really help?

I can say one thing for sure… they are not making things worse. When I first started to use them, both my toes were blue and that normally takes a few months before that disappears (and it hasn’t happened yet). But, I do know that they give a thin additional layer of protection and possible hits to the toe will be softened by the toe protectors.

I don’t think this is what Christiano Ronaldo would use (he would for sure find something way more expensive and better), but if you look at the price and you just want some extra protection for your toes, I believe these are a good investment.

Gel Toe Protectors Temu Review – What is the conclusion?

I am happy about spending €2 buying a couple of these for my big toes. You can, of course, find even better toe protectors at much higher cost, but to me these are perfect as a small additional layer of protection for my toes that easily get hurt during football playing.

The toe protectors are located in the women category on Temu, but I don’t mind as long as they protect my toes while I play football!

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I am incredibly curious and I love to test news products. Unfortunately, I easily order too much from TEMU, and often end up buying a lot of products that I don't like and regret buying. But, I also buy lots of products that I fall in love with. Here I am trying to share my experiences with you before you shop, so that you can buy useful stuff and skip the junk-products. It that way you can save money, and we can also take better care of the environment together!

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  1. Piece of junk… used it a few times, and the small holes on the sides turn into gigantic holes and when wearing them, my big toe just jump out through the big holes, meaning no protection at all anymore.

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