usb c 6A 66W cable

I have a Xiaomi MI 11T phone that supers fast charging, making me able to recharge the phone from 0% to 100% in about 30 minutes. That is awesome, but my original cable is in very poor condition so I decided to buy another cable from Temu to have a spare when my original cable is destroyed. Honestly, I ordered several of them and also some charging adapter to have a second solution at other places when I don’t bring my original charger along. What happened?

The order arrived quickly and I was eager to test my new fast charging cable that was supposed to support my device. I tried it with the original charger, and then also with other charging adapters that I ordered from Temu. What happened?

Did the 6A Fast Charging Cable work properly?

As I connected the new cable to my original charger, it immediately started to charge my phone in fast mode, but not like with the original cable. With the original cable, I can see the numbers change constantly. With this cable, however, I only see quick charge, but not the numbers on my screen changing constantly. The charging is almost as quick as with the original cable, but there is a slight difference.

In other words, as a second option, it works great, but there is a difference between this and the original cable.

As I tested the 6A Fast Charging Cable together with the new fast charging adapter from Temu (which is supposed to support fast charging), it charged quickly, but I didn’t see the percents move on the screen like I would with the original charger and cable.

For fun, I also tried the original cable with the new fast charger, but the result once again was that it did a quick charge, but it didn’t show me the ultra-fast sign where I see it move from 40,23% to 40,24% and step by step going upwards.

6A Fast Charging Cable from Temu Review Conclusion

The cable works well, it has good quality, and I am using it regularly. It doesn’t work as well as the original cable I received from Xiaomi, but it is way better than similar, but much slower cables I have at home.

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I am incredibly curious and I love to test news products. Unfortunately, I easily order too much from TEMU, and often end up buying a lot of products that I don't like and regret buying. But, I also buy lots of products that I fall in love with. Here I am trying to share my experiences with you before you shop, so that you can buy useful stuff and skip the junk-products. It that way you can save money, and we can also take better care of the environment together!

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