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I don’t have two screens on my computer, so if I want to watch a football match or some other event while I work, I use my mobile phone for such purposes. But, I often have trouble placing my cell phone at the perfect location in which I can clearly see the screen with the right angle next to my computer screen. As a result, I decided to buy the “Metal Foldable Lifting Mobile Phone Holder” from TEMU as it should solve that issue for me. I quickly arrived the order and this is what I discovered.

The tool comes in one part, meaning there is nothing you need to put together to make it work. You remove the plastic and place it on your table and place it in the angle you are interested in. That’s it. But, there are lots of questions still… is it strong enough to hold my cellphone, or will my cell phone fall in all direction? Can I use it both horizontally and vertically?

Based on my experience, I can easily place my phone in the holder both vertically and horizontally. You can see it in the pictures below, it works very well. Even though my phone is kind of big, there is no problem for it to stay in the holder, meaning that it keeps my phone steady.

Just for fun, I decided to try it with an iPad (which is much bigger and heavier). For a basic angle, and if you add it in the very middle, then it can easily keep an iPad steady as well. In other words, I might actually watch sports on an iPad with a bigger screen instead of my cell phone with a smaller screen, next to my computer monitor.

I can use it with an iPad as well!
It works well with an iPad as well…

It isn’t super stable with an iPad, so if you plan on using the iPad and clicking the screen lots of times, you might find it lacking stability. But, if you only want to have it there with the ability to watch something on the screen and maybe click it a few times, then this works well also with tablets of this size.

Metal Foldable Lifting Mobile Phone Holder Review: Conclusion

This is one of the products from Temu that I have been the happiest with so far. It is really useful, easy to use, and perfect for the task that I bought it for! I can warmly recommend it!

Have you tried the “Metal Foldable Lifting Mobile Phone Holder” from Temu? Would you like to share your thoughts? Do you have any questions? Use the comment field below.

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