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Making food is fun, and when it looks good, it has a smashing taste, and it is easy to make, it is even greater. So, looking at the short video on TEMU for the 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker made me convinced that this is a product I should try. Do you feel the same way? Have you seen it on TEMU, but before you click the purchase button, you want to find out whether it is actually as brilliant and easy-to-use as it looks? You are in the right place, because I have tested the 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker from TEMU, and here are my thoughts!

I guess it has to do with my way of thinking about life, but if I produced a dumpling maker that I wanted to share with the world, I would probably do my uttermost to make it as brilliant as possible. As a result, I would spend some hours finding the perfect dumpling dough that I would write on a tiny piece of paper (to make it very cheap to print), and place it in the plastic bag together with the dumpling maker. I guess that is too much to ask, but as you probably understand, you do not get any recipe together with the 2-in-1 dumpling maker from TEMU. So, there you are… you have a dumpling maker exactly like it looks in the picture on your kitchen desk. What now?

You need to find a dumpling dough recipe.

You can do a quick search in Google to find a dumpling dough recipe. The basics are water, salt, and flour… though I should tell you that quite a lot of recipes skip the salt (I wouldn’t do that).

Here you have an example of a recipe you can use:

  • 175 gram hot water
  • 320 gram flour
  • 5g salt

After you have mixed these, let the dough rest and then you should divide it into smaller pieces around 10-13gram per piece. Now it is time to find your 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker from TEMU.

temu dumpling maker

According to TEMU, the skin presser is way more efficient than the ordinary rolling pin. Well, that sounds nice, but my experience tells me something else. Why is that?

The dough that you create shouldn’t be sticky. But, even though it is really smooth, you need to squeeze the skin presser to make the dough flat as a thin pancake. Do you know what the consequence is? The dough will be stuck to the top of the squeezer, as a result of you squeezing the dough. Then you need to manually try to remove it, and by the time you are done, it doesn’t look like a nice circle like in the illustration above.

I tried this over and over again, and also with all sorts of flour to make it work properly (and not get stuck), but still… the result was the same. In the end I found my good old rolling pin and used a glass to make round-shaped dumpling forms suitable for the second part of the 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker from TEMU.

I had mixed some cabbage with some carrots, soya sauce, and delicious spices and made a nice little stew. I then placed my round dumpling shaped dough into the dumpling maker. Then I added the filling to the middle and closed it using the second part of the tool.

dumpling maker tool

In other words, I didn’t find the 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker useful for what you can see above in illustration number 4. But, for number six, seven, eight, and nine, I was actually very satisfied.

I had my ten year old son joining me in the process, and he took control of the dumpling maker and filled them and closed them up using the tool several times. I also bought a standalone dumpling maker (just for filling and closing) from TEMU, and comparing the two, I felt like the 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker did a better job for the filling and closing process than the stand-alone dumpling maker. But, since I didn’t like the squeezer, I now have a big tool in my kitchen of which I only use a tiny part. That is a waste of space and plastic.

2-in-1 Dumpling Maker from TEMU review: What’s the conclusion?

It is a cheap device, and it is fairly good, even though I don’t like the squeezer. As a result, I would be happier to just have the dumpling maker for filling and closing my dumpling, as I consider the other part to not be as good as portrayed at the images or videos (at all).

If I were to go to TEMU and buy something right now, I would rather look for a smaller device that is only for stuffing and closing, and I would forget about the tool for shaping the round dumplings.

That was it for today. Have you tried the 2-in-1 Dumpling Maker from TEMU? How did you like it? Do you have any other questions or comments based on this review? Write a comment below!

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I am incredibly curious and I love to test news products. Unfortunately, I easily order too much from TEMU, and often end up buying a lot of products that I don't like and regret buying. But, I also buy lots of products that I fall in love with. Here I am trying to share my experiences with you before you shop, so that you can buy useful stuff and skip the junk-products. It that way you can save money, and we can also take better care of the environment together!

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