Have you bumped into the Tea Infuser, also referred to as a “Tea Strainer For Loose Leaf Tea” on Temu? It is a tool that you can use to add tea leaves to a holder which is then placed in the hot water, and within a few minutes, you have a delicious cup of tea prepared. Is it as good and neat and easy-to-use as it looks?

A YouTube-short showing a quick test of the tea infuser from Temu.

The tea infuser comes in one part, meaning there is nothing that needs to be done with it before it is ready to use. Or, I forgot, you need to add the “door/window” to the infuser to the rest of the tea infuser, but that is only one click. In other words, if you have ever managed to fix whatever is in a Kinder egg, this is 100% easier than that.

You are now ready to use the infuser from Temu.

tea infuser review

Now you find your tea leaves (you can also place an entire teabag within the holder if you want to) and place them into the holder. You don’t need to fill it, so find out exactly how much tea leaves you want to add for it to give the taste that you desire your tea to have.

Then you close the holder and place it into your cup of hot water.

tea infuser

When the tea has reached the desired color, remove the tea infuser, open the lid, and throw the tea leaves in the garbage can. I normally place it under water for 1-2 seconds just to clean it so that it is ready for use again whenever I need a new cup of tea.

Does the tea infuser from Temu work well? Do leaves leave the holder during the process?

I have tested lots of tea infusers the last years and a common problem is that the tea leaves leave the holder, thus I have to watch out for tea leaves and disturbances in the tea while I drink it. Another option is to go through an additional process in which I use a filter to get rid of tea leaves that escaped the holder in the process.

So far, I haven’t faced this problem with this tea infuser with lid from Temu. It has worked great and it is so easy to use, easy to clean, and then to use again, so I am much more happy thinking about drinking tea made from leaves (and not from a filter) than I were before.

Temu Tea Infuser review – Is it worth the money?

The product is cheap, but it works great. Once again, this is a Temu product that I can warmly recommend and that I would happily buy again or give as a present to someone I know love a good cup of tea.

Have you tested this product? How did you like it? Do you have any questions? Write them below!

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